Legal Steroid V/S Testosterone Booster

What Are Steroids ?

Steroids are synthetic drugs that mimics with the natural hormones produces in body , perform a range of biological functions in the body.

Steroids are also known as corticosteroids which are commonly used for the treatment of asthma ,allergy ,inflammation and other problems related to immunity. Corticosteroids have no muscle building or performance enhancing effects.

The type of steroids are anabolic androgenic steroids often called as anabolic steroids, that are misused by many individual’s because it give similar effects of male hormone, testosterone.

Mostly bodybuilders are used anabolic steroids to build up muscles or enhance strength.

What are anabolic steroids ?

Anabolic steroids are synthetic compound derived from molecular structure of hormone made  for  male sex hormone testosterone .

The testosterone is hormone which is responsible for promote the growth of skeletal muscles and development of secondary sexual characteristics in both women and man.

Anabolic steroids were first developed in 1930 primarily for treating a condition of hypogonadism ,a condition in which body produces low amount of testosterone level  which is not suitable for the normal growth and sexual functioning.

The use of anabolic steroids for medical purpose is to treat delayed puberty and then used by many athlete’s to boosting their performance for competition ,afterwards anabolic steroids turns to need of all body builders .Steroid abuse has begins widespread in field of athletics and bodybuilding by young generation .

How Do Steroids Work In Your Body ?

Steroids are synthesize by taken molecular structure of normal testosterone .Steroids when go into your body so generate anabolic effects result in increasing protein synthesis which promotes muscle growth and blocking cortisol level, which allow the muscles to recover faster and prevent from injury.

Intake Of Steroids :

Steroids are intake orally by mouth in a form of pill or tablets and by injections through intramuscularly.

Benefits of using steroids :

  • Increased in lean muscle mass.
  • Increase in strength
  • Increase in energy and motivation

What are the Side effects of taking steroids ?

Because anabolic steroids are powerful steroids so they have put some drastic effect on your health. The side effects are developed male breast ( condition also known as gynecomastia ),shrinking of testicles, lower in sperm count ,baldness, depression, impotent ,get painful erections and may become infertile.

In female use of long term steroids can developed facial hair ,deeper voice, irregular menstrual cycles ,reduce breast size  and enlarged clitoris.

Are Use Of Steroids Illegal ?

Without prescription of doctor’s for a medical condition is illegal.

It is not allowed by FDA to distribute or sell out anabolic steroids .

Because the U.S Food and Drug administration ban steroids because of overusing of anabolic steroids and death rates are recorded.


What Are The Legal Steroids And Why It Is Used For ?

Legal steroids are alternative to anabolic steroids and safe from any drastic side effects which you may suffer from used of anabolic steroids.

Top legal steroids :

D-BAL (Dianabol)

D-Bal is legal alternative to anabolic steroids .Powerful formula help in increasing nitrogen retention which is an essential building block of proteins. It creates an ultimate anabolic state which promotes mega muscle growth giving you rapid increase in your muscles size and strength.

  • Safe and legal steroids with no harmful side effects
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Enhance stamina and strength
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Enhance libido or sex drive
  • No need of needles or injections

What Is The Major Difference Between Testosterone Boosters And  Steroids :

Steroids flood into the blood stream by circulation with synthetic derivatives compound of testosterone

Testosterone booster increases body ability to produced testosterone naturally.


What do you mean by testosterone ?

Testosterone is an androgen produced primary in testicles , plays an important role to developed secondary male sexual characteristics such as the body hair, increase in bone mass, deep voice and promotes muscle growth.

What happens  when you suffer from low level of testosterone ?

You may suffer from these symptoms :

  • Reduce in bone mass
  • Reduce in muscle mass
  • Diminished an erectile function
  • Increase in abdominal mass
  • Mood swings, changes in mood including an anger, depression
  • Increase in fatigue
  • Reduce amount of body hair
  • Lower cognitive functions and intellectual powers.

What is testosterone booster ?

Testosterone boosters are dietary supplements loaded with natural ingredients including vitamins, herbs ,minerals and many other compounds which helps to enhance a level of testosterone. The testosterone boosters free from any harmful side effects and safely it rises level of testosterone hormone in body.

How Do Testosterone Booster Work ?

The testosterone boosters when go into your body so provides raw materials for body to producing natural testosterone ,blocking an enzymes that turns testosterone into estrogen hormone. It provide signals to the pituitary gland to release growth factors and male sex hormones.

Using Of Testosterone Booster To Increase In Muscle Mass And Enhance Strength :

The ingredients in testosterone booster will promote the growth of muscles and increase density mass .The use of testosterone boosters will allow you to recover faster and continues your workout for longer time.

Use Of Testosterone Booster For Medical Purposes :

Testosterone boosters are used for the treatment of those individuals who are suffering from low level of testosterone or hypogonadism.

Benefits Of Testosterone Booster :

  • Enhance stamina
  • Improve mental focus and concentration
  • Increase bone density
  • Increase sperm count
  • Improve libido or sex drive

Draw Backs Of Testosterone Booster :

Testosterone booster works in harmony with your body as it increases your body testosterone naturally. But some of side effects are acne breakouts, gastric irritation, increase in aggressiveness, occasional headaches, mood swings and anxiety.

TOP Testosterone Booster :


Testo max is one of the powerful supplement designed for pumps your testosterone level naturally.

It is formulated with tribulus terrestris extract which elevate your testosterone level safely and naturally by increasing production.

  • Safe and legal alternative to sustanon
  • Increase in muscle gain and size
  • Explosive strength and stamina
  • Allow your muscles to recover fast
  • Improve sex drive and performance
  • No needles or prescriptions are required.


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